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WA embraces local value-add, long championed by steel sector

The ASI has welcomed the McGowan Government’s Jobs Bill that passed successfully through the Legislative Assembly on 20 October as staking more faith in the greater economic benefits of engaging local industry.

ASI Chief Executive, Tony Dixon congratulated the Western Australian Government for living up to its pre-election platform through the passage of the new Jobs Bill through the Lower House that prescribes ways the value of local industry can be better recognised in public procurement.

Under the new legislation, those tendering for WA Government contracts will be required to submit local industry participation plans, which are to be incorporated into the contracts of successful suppliers and made publicly available.

Governments can also declare works as ‘projects of strategic significance’ for the WA economy, requiring those projects to have extra local content.

And dedicated Government staff will be deployed to proactively engage with local businesses to assist them in understanding how to tender for government contracts.

“We congratulate the Government of this undertaking that provides a clear signal that the value of local industry deserves to be fairly considered in substantive procurement decisions,” Mr Dixon said.

“We particularly applaud the provision within the new legislation to encourage world’s best practice in workplace innovation.

“We hope that this worthy legislation is accordingly passed by the WA Legislative Council in due course.”

Posted On: 23 Oct 2017

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