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ASI Health and Safety Excellence Awards 2018


Dear ASI Members,

The Health and Safety Excellence Awards are an initiative of the ASI National Safety Committee to recognise steel industry companies and individuals for dedication to maintaining and improving workplace health and safety. Award entry is free of charge.

Enquiries to Phil Casey on (02) 8748 0185 or 0424 225 701 or email

If you are entering more than one project:
If you wish to enter more than one project at a given time, you will need to close down your browser completely (not just the tab) between adding the first and the second to avoid the ASI system overriding the first entry with the second. This is because the system creates a unique link for you to return to, to amend your entry, and if the browser is not shut down before proceeding with the next entry, it will conclude you are amending the first.

Submission Requirements