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The ASI Technical Notes series is an authoritative set of reference articles on steel design issues and form a valuable reference tool for all Australian steel design professionals. The Notes deal with many of the everyday technical issues associated with the design of structural steel.

Current Technical Notes

TN001 High strength structural bolt assemblies to AS/NZS 1252:2016 (PDF) (978 Kb)
Version 4, Mar 2017. Author: P.W. Key
TN002 Issues with temporary bracing of steel structures
(156 Kb)Version 2, Feb 2011. Author: T.J. Hogan
TN003 Design of eccentrically loaded bracing cleats
(82 Kb)Version 1, Jun 2010. Author: T.J. Hogan
TN004 Design properties for crane runway beams (PDF) (355 Kb)
Version 2, Sep 2010. Author: T.J. Hogan
TN005 Guidelines for designing to AS 4100 when imported materials are involved
(47 Kb)Version 3, Feb 2012. Author: T.J. Hogan
TN006 Update for 'Design of structural steel hollow section connections - volume 1: Design models' (PDF) (84 Kb), Version 2, Jun 2011. Authors: T.J. Hogan and A.A. Syam
TN007 Compliance issues and steel structures (PDF) (42 Kb)
Version 2, Feb 2012. Author: T.J. Hogan
TN008 Welding consumables and design of welds in AS 4100-1998 with amendment 1, 2012 (PDF) (43 Kb) Version 1, Feb 2012. Author: T.J. Hogan
TN009 Documentation of structural steel (PDF) (74 Kb)
Version 1, Apr 2012, Author: T.J. Hogan
TN010 Third-party steel product certification
(78 Kb)Version 1, Jul 2012. Authors: T.J. Hogan and P.W. Key
TN011 AS/NZS 5131 - Structural steelwork fabrication and erection - Implementation guide for engineers, specifiers and procurers (PDF) (83 Kb)
Version 2, Dec 2016. Author: P. Key
TN012 Design of bolted angle cleat connections - A fabrication responsive solution (PDF) (587 Kb)
Version 1, Feb 2015. Author: P.Key
TN013 Block shear connection design checks (PDF) (621 Kb)
Version 1, Mar 2015. Author: Peter Key

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