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Where are you headed?

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You're nearing the end of your high school years. What’s the next step? Maybe it’s the big question or perhaps you already have it all mapped out. Maybe we can help.

What about the steel industry?

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The Australian steel industry is one of the most dynamic and innovative in the world with new research and development happening all the time. It needs people with a wide range of talents, skills and educational backgrounds and it offers opportunities for excellent career growth and satisfaction.

Why steel?

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Steel is vital in our daily lives – virtually every manufactured product we use either contains or has been made using steel. As a construction material, steel offers great strength and versatility and as a 100% recyclable product, it is the building material of choice for the future. Careers in the steel industry can range from participation in the production and processing of steel through to the creation of the newest eye-catching steel structure, product or machinery.

What profile fits you?

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You could be part of the dynamic team that designs and builds the next cutting edge steel-framed building, have a hand in manufacturing top quality steel products or even developing a major resource project. Do you like to work with your hands or are you good with figures? Do you have a good head for business or would you rather be immersed in the technical side? The careers summarised below will give you an idea of what our industry sectors can offer you. We want you - are you ready for the challenge?

The Steel Game

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Talk to people in the steel industry - they’ll tell you that there is always something happening in this global industry

and in Australia we are world class. The great thing is that steel is so prominent . Just about everything made in Australia is either made of steel or made with steel equipment. There’s a sense of satisfaction in seeing a part manufactured to your steel specifications or a building made to your design. Most importantly this industry has places to go. It’s evolving all the time and keeping up with new technology. There are many career paths to choose from. Your path could take you overseas or interstate – the opportunities are numerous. There is always the chance to learn new skills and develop in your chosen career – be rewarded personally and financially! The steel industry encourages and promotes interesting people who enjoy their work and have lots of energy.

Career descriptions

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careers Structural Steel Fabricator imageSteel fabricator

Contractor responsible for the off-site fabrication of the structural steelwork.

Read more about Structural Steel Fabricators »

Steel erectorSteel erector

Rigger responsible for the erection of the structural steelwork.

Read more about Structural Steel Erectors »

Careers - Structural Steel Design Engineer imageSteel design engineer

Engineering consultant responsible for the design of the structural steel framework for the completed structure and coordination of its construction.

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Careers - Structural Design Engineering Draftsperson imageEngineering draftsperson

Engineering technical officer preparing the engineering drawings under engineer’s supervision, for tender to the steel fabrication industry.

Read more about the Structural Engineering Design Draftsperson » 

Careers - Structural Steel Estimator imageSteel estimator

Quantity surveyor producing reliable estimates of types and amounts of steel to be used in a project and their costs.

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Careers - Structural Steel DetailerSteel detailer

Steelwork detailer preparing the shop drawings for fabrication of the structural steelwork.

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Careers - Structural Steel Distributor imageSteel Distributor

Steel merchant responsible for procuring and stocking steel from producers and the timely supply to fabricators.

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Careers - Structural Steel Producer imageSteel Producer

Develops and produces a range of steel products for the local and international market.

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9 May 2018 Steel analyst 9 Jun 2018