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Australian steel is world recognised for its quality and consistency.  The crude steel production for 2014 was around 4.6 million tonnes, around 77% by B.O.F. process and 23% by E.F. process, 99% was continuously-cast steel output. Apparent steel usage in 2014 was around 6.3 million tonnes of total steel products or 302 kg per capita (ref. World Steel Association and SEAISI).There are estimated to be 50,000 tonnes of structural steel stock in the distribution chain at any one time. 

Approximate segmentation of steel usage in Australia

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Market sectors for flat products (BlueScope Steel Ltd FY13)

BSL market sector chart 2013

 Australian Steel Industry Capability document

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ASI has recently completed an Industry Capability document covering all the major sectors of the industry as they relate to major projects. 

The document entitled “Capabilities of the Australian steel industry to supply major projects in Australia”, was launched at the Australian Oil and Gas Conference in Perth on 25 March, 2011.

You can download a copy of the following documents for more information:

Australian Steel Industry Capability document (PDF) (3 Mb).

Capability Snapshot of the Australian Steel Construction Industry (PDF) (1 Mb).