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Local Content Case Study NaphthaAustralia has one of the most dynamic and innovative steel sectors in the world. Importantly, Australia has been recognised as a world leader in the use of high tensile materials and in coating technology.

Steel is a highly sought after material for infrastructure developments and its use increases proportionally to the development of the standard of living of a country. It is also a very prominent material as most goods we use either have some steel component or are made using tooling or machinery made from it.

Given Australia's abundance of iron ore and metallurgical coal most of Australia's steel production is via the blast furnace route producing internationally recognised high quality steel. There are also a number of electric arc furnaces for reinforcing steels and speciality product. Approximately 5.3 million tonnes of steel are produced in Australia annually.

The broad Australian steel industry including all iron and steel manufacturing, fabrication and casting activities employs over 100,000 people and has an annual turnover of $29 billion.

The Australian structural fabrication industry is characterised by a very large number of fabricators with a total output capacity of approximately 1.6 million tonnes per annum including some product used in repetition manufacturing like lintels, truck body and trailer fabrication.

A characteristic of the steel fabrication and steel manufacturing industry in recent years has been the move to introduce technology throughout the steel value chain including processing facilities at roll forming and distribution level.

The integrated Australian steel chain typically holds in excess of two million tonnes of inventory available through distributors located on over 300 sites across the country.

The steel industry has embraced technology with Building Information Modelling (BIM) a way of life for most major projects feeding into the latest computer numerical controlled fabrication equipment.

Significantly steel is one of the world’s most recyclable materials and in Australia we recycle at world class levels. Steel is the building material of the future. 

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